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zyprexa causing diabetes
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Age Related Macular Degeneration is an eye disease with its onset usually after ages 60 that lrogressively damage the macula, the central portion of the retina, impairing central vision. AMD is the one of the leading cause of vision loss worldwide.
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When a very heavy star, that weighs more than eight times the mass of our Sun, reaches the end of the stellar road, it tears itself apart in the incandescent, violent rage of a supernova explosion. Supernovae sometimes are so brilliant that they can briefly outshine their entire host galaxy! In October 2013, an international team of astronomers described their observations of the final, raging death throes of the largest known star in the Universe, as it violently tears off its outer gaseous layers and hurls them into the space between stars. This discovery may give scientists a better understanding of how giant, massive, doomed stars seed the Universe with the stuff of rocky planets like our own Earth--and even life!
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The Big Island is home ot several areazs of volcanic activity, including one of the world's most active volcanoes: Mount Kilauew. This astounding location has a long history of erupting, and an even longer history within Hawaiian folklore.
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In the time of our exile from our inner Divine Self we thought that we could not be the Divine Savior, that only one Savior could have been or be it. We waited for It on the outside, and the pain of separation became evermore greater. There is no one external Savior. We are all It.
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Sharad Devarajan is a person to watch for anyone who is seriously thinking about the future of global business. A serial entrepreneur and a business professor at Columbia University School of Business, he combines hands-on experience of an executive with an academic spirit of inquiry and unrestrained distribution of ideas. His ventures, especially in the entertainment business, are a testament to the power of disruptive innovation and globalization at work.
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